Manuel Anderson

Interior Decorator - Rettungssanitäter/EMT - First Aid Instructor and Founder of RBTF OÜ and EMGPRD MTÜ

About Me

My name is Manuel Anderson,
In 2016, I successfully completed my education as an interior decorator and then joined the Bavarian Red Cross in an honorary capacity. In 2019, I am working towards becoming a EMT and completed my clinical internship at trauma clinic Murnau, one of the best and most renowned casualty and trauma clinics in Germany. Along the way, I am working my way into self-employment and IT in the field of public safety solutions, cyber security and cloud solutions. Today, I am a successful start-up founder in Munich as a EMT and IT-Consultant and support many customers in MSP/MSSP/CSP and Pre-hospital emergency medicine services as an example as a First Aid Instructor.

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What am I doing?

I currently work as a First Aid Provider and MSP/MSSP/CSP Provider and as well as EMT in Pre-hospital emergency medicine in Munich at events and be a founder and managing director of the Royal Blue Task Force (RBTF) OÜ and the EMGPRD.ORG MTÜ


I am currently learning and developing on my own infrastructure and for clients with resources such as Digital Ocean, Microsoft office 365, Moodle LMS, SQL Databases , PHP and many more....

Pre-hospital emergency medicine

I completed my training as a Rettungssanitäter/EMT at the end of 2023. I am constantly training here to keep up to date with the latest standards in field of ambulance services

First Aid Instructions

One of my current activities is in the area of first aid and further training. Here I work as a first aid instructor in an academy to train people


First Aid Instructor
MSP/MSSP Infrastructure Support
Emergency Medicine as an EMT
Call Center Agent

My Best Experience


BLR Akademie/Freelance

First Aid Instrcutor and EMT

As A First Aid Instructor, i work with a Partnercompany togehter to provide best experiences in First Aid instruction services for Public participants




In 2017 I started to work intensively with IT, since 2019 I have been working as an IT consultant in addition to and today as an independent IT consultant



Since 2020, I am a trained Basic EMT and provide first aid in emergencies

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